Appetizer Christmas Tree

  Appetizer Christmas Tree

My Appetizer Christmas Tree was a Pinterest success. This was so fun and cute…very impressive. Warning: The cone was, in my opinion…expensive. I went to Michael’s Craft Store to get the cone…$17.99…Wwwaaaattt? But, I really had my heart set on making this. So, I used my phone and searched for a 50% off coupon for Michael’s…Totally worked. YYYaaayyy.


Appetizer Christmas Tree

Wrap the cone with plastic wrap before starting. This way you can use the cone again. I only had clear, but the green plastic wrap would look super cute. Also, when putting the toothpicks into the cone, use the side that did not go through the food (preventing bacteria if you are planning on reusing the cone).

Appetizer Christmas Tree
  • 1 box (250) toothpicks
  • Plastic wrap, clear or green
  • 2 foot cone, found in the flower arranging section of craft store
  • 1 pint Cherub, cherry or grape tomatoes
  • 16 ounces cheese, cubed (a variety would be nice)
  • ½ pound meat, pepperoni and/or salami rolled or ham cubed
  • 1 jar large olives, i used green jalapeño stuffed
  • 2 jars mini pickles, I used 1 baby dill and 1 sweet
  1. Wrap cone with plastic wrap.
  2. Spear single food with toothpick, place side that did not pierce food into cone (to keep bacteria off cone so that you can reuse the cone).
  3. Repeat until all food is on the tree.
  4. Cover with wrap and chill until ready to serve.

Appetizer Christmas Tree

The ingredients are merely suggestions. Use your imagination and add what your guest would like.

Enjoy, Jerry & Roni !!!


Appetizer Christmas Tree

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