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Campfire Tequila Queso

We’ve found out that you just can’t go wrong with a cheese dip. So, give Campfire Tequila Queso a whirl. We love cooking on the campfire.  Making an appetizer to hold everyone over until dinner has became a norm while camping.  Using these tin foil pans makes it quick & easy to prepare while everyone gets the

Campfire Beer Cheese Dip

We like to try new things when we go camping. I wanted something to snack on while we sat around the fire. Campfire Beer Cheese Dip turned out awesome. It was quick, easy & it tasted great. Print Campfire Beer Cheese Dip Ingredients 8 oz package cream cheese 8 oz Cheddar Cheese 3 Cloves of

Camping Sangria

We go camping a lot, and like to try new recipes while we’re in the outdoors.   We were doing a short hike & would be at camp by early afternoon.  Jerry decided to make Camping Sangria as a cool refreshing drink to pass the day away.  They turned out great. Print Camping Sangria Ingredients

Campfire Roasted Strawberries

Looking to switch it up at your next campfire? These Roasted Strawberries are a must. They are delicious and fun to make. They are a bit messy, but better than a marshmallow! Print Campfire Roasted Strawberries Ingredients Fresh Strawberries Marshmallow Fluff Chocolate Syrup (optional) Instructions Dip Strawberries in marshmallow fluff Place Strawberries on roasting skewer
Pulpit rock

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