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Candy House

We call this a Candy House instead of a gingerbread house, because I don’t actually bake the gingerbread. Instead, I use graham crackers. It’s fun to make and I don’t take it too seriously. Use whatever to decorate and let the imagination take over. This year, Jerry and I decorated it. We ran to the store to

Appetizer Christmas Tree

  My Appetizer Christmas Tree was a Pinterest success. This was so fun and cute…very impressive. Warning: The cone was, in my opinion…expensive. I went to Michael’s Craft Store to get the cone…$17.99…Wwwaaaattt? But, I really had my heart set on making this. So, I used my phone and searched for a 50% off coupon for

Fun Retirement Cake

My father-in law retired from his 48 year career with the airlines. He retired, moved to Las Vegas and living the good life. Our family seems to grow and grow out here, but nobody is having kids, huh. For his retirement, his 4 brothers and sister came out for a cerebration. There were 20 of

Fresh Lemon Juice Garnish

Some ideas found on Pinterest work like a charm, some are epic fails and some just need a little tweaking. This Pinterest attempt needs a little tweaking. I used cheese cloth, wrapped a half lemon and tied it up with some fabric strips I had laying around. First of all, it was really cute and impressed my
Pulpit rock

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