Fun Retirement Cake

Fun Retirement Cake

Fun Retirement Cake

My father-in law retired from his 48 year career with the airlines. He retired, moved to Las Vegas and living the good life. Our family seems to grow and grow out here, but nobody is having kids, huh.

For his retirement, his 4 brothers and sister came out for a cerebration. There were 20 of us spread out in the 4 Stek houses in Vegas. This is us at Bellagio Conservatory.

Steks in Vegas

For the party, Sarah (My sister-in-law) and I made a Fun Retirement Cake. We got Depends adult diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, ribbon, pins and gag gifts.

Start by rolling each diaper tightly into a cylinder starting from the crotch up to the waistband. Secure them by wrapping a rubber band around the center.

To build the first tier, start by standing the paper towel roll in front of you. Surround the roll with diapers, so it looks like pillars around a tower. Hold the diapers together with an extra-large rubber band wrapped around the entire tier. Put a few rolls of toilet paper in the mix. Then build the next layer. Use ribbon to hide the rubber bands. 

Have fun, be creative and put a personal touch to the diaper cake.

Spenser’s at the mall have really awesome and fun gag gifts for retirees and “old farts.” We found an LED watch and used small peel on letters to write “Rolex” on the face. We ordered a funny t-shirt from amazon, rolled it up and used it as a topper. Then, used ribbon and tied it to the top roll as a necktie. We attached a couple things we found and voila, you have a nice, fun, cool retirement cake.


Fun Retirement Cake 2

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